6 Reasons Why Tasty Baked Chicken Recipes will Save You Time and Money and Improve Your Family’s Health

I’ve recently been looking for new recipes for our family to eat, instead of expensive, unhealthy convenience food.

My goal was to find meals that are inexpensive, nutritious and healthy, quick and easy to make, tasty and full of flavor, and (most importantly) meals that the kids will eat without complaining!

We’ve had wonderful success with chicken recipes, especially baked chicken recipes as part of our drive for quick, healthy meals.

Why have baked chicken recipes been such a hit with our family?

1. Nutritious and healthy.

Chicken is a low cholesterol, lean meat that’s high in protein. Particularly, the process of baking the chicken, rather than frying it, makes baked chicken recipes such a healthy option.

We’ve also found that eating baked chicken dishes is really helping us all eat a balanced diet. Chicken goes so well with so many different fresh ingredients that we’re eating lots more nutritious vegetables too!

2. Save time

All the baked chicken recipes we’ve found have been really quick to make, which is perfect after a long, hard day at the office. The ingredients are simply baked together, which means we can usually throw everything together in a slow cooker or crockpot in minutes and then leave it to bake to perfection.

Lazy AND time-saving!

3. Tasty and versatile

Our youngest daughter is quite a fussy eater so we have to be careful when preparing meals for her. However, we don’t want to be making separate meals for her if we can help it.

Baked chicken recipes are perfect for us. All the recipes we’ve tried have been really tasty and full of flavor, but best of all, the mild taste of chicken means we can please all the family all at the same time!

4. Easy to make

The baked chicken recipes we’ve made so far have been very simple to make, even for novice chefs like us. I’ve been really surprised at just how easy in fact!

Part of that is down to the wide availability of chicken which you can easily find already pre-packed and prepared in just the way you need it. But also, baked chicken recipes by their very nature are just so easy to throw together.

No fancy techniques, no complicated procedures. Just quick, easy, delicious meals.

5. Cheap and inexpensive

As a family we’re most definitely on a pretty strict budget these days so it’s important to keep our food bills right down.

Unlike the convenience meals we’ve been buying, baked chicken recipes are really very inexpensive. The chicken itself is very cheap compared to a lot of meat or fish, and the other ingredients are usually everyday vegetables which help us to economize even further.

6. Kids love them!

We’ve been amazed at how much the kids have enjoyed the baked chicken meals we’ve been making. Our eldest keeps nagging at us to make certain dishes again and gets upset when we tell him we can’t have the same meals every single night of the week!

The fact we can cook quick, healthy meals that everyone in the house will eat without complaint is miraculous!

I’ll be posting the best baked chicken recipes we’ve tried here on this blog.

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